Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green tips to reduce your impact

Hello everyone. I came for blogging after a long time as I was n holiday I enjoyed a lot with my family. Now I am make you sure that I m totally back on to blogging. Now-a-days many people are thinking for go green and trying to follow green tips to help environment. Now first of all let me tell what green tips are.

Going green does not mean you have to change your lifestyle to keep safe or take care of environment. Just take a few steps at the right time and give effort to be environmentally friendly. Check out few green tips and find some ideas that will work in your life.

One of the best and simple ways to start to go green is to turn off your electricity when it doesn’t need. 75% of the electricity is consumed while your electronics are turned off. One of the absolute easiest ways to help environment is to replace our light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. To go green can also use recycled toilet paper and paper towels which are just as soft and absorbent as the regular stuff.

W can also use such energy saving products like solar thermal systems to get hot water instead of electric heater. It can save lots of solar energy and transfer the storage energy to make hot water. By this we can also help to help environment. Now that's an easy way to go green!

Not only such mentioned green tips are helpful to help environment there many more. But at least we can start from basics. Taking a few minutes go be environmentally friendly will help us all go green!

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